Here are 5 key things that successful event planners have right


Being a manager or a planner can be a tough position but even so, you will find so many people out there being successful at this and you are left wondering, what’s that they do that really makes them turn out so good.

The truth of the matter is, nobody is perfect, nobody has it all, however, there are some traits that makes them look like they have it all and perhaps, that is exactly what you are missing. Therefore, as you are going to find out, there are some key ingridients that you are required to have to make a successful event planner.


  • You must have excellent time management skills


As a wedding planner, you have to be timely and couscious of time. You must portray the ability to not only cordinate yourself but also cordinate others and be able to also schedule others according to the time allocated for the event. This way, you will be making a huge step towards becoming an excellent events planner.


  • You must be able to have excellent communication skills


Communication is one important element that you have to utilize to make a successful events planner. All that you are planning together with your team must be communicated effectively to all other players. If it is a wedding, you have to communicate the venue and all that is required from all other stakeholders in the wedding ceremony. Therefore, if you want to become a successful event planner, then you must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently.


  • You have to show passion towards your work


Love of work is simply one of the key ingridient that will make you successful in all what you do.  Lets say, If you are the chair to the wedding planning committee, then you have to portray your willingness and love for that position and motivate others to love what they do. Passion is what will drive you towards making a successful events planner.


  • You have to be responsible


Regardless of what goes wrong or what goes right, as an event manager, you have to be responsible of every outcome as a result of your advise to the planning of the event. The success of an event depends on you and if you are not responsible, chances are you might fail as a planner.


  • You must be approachable


Surely, to make a successful event planner, you will have to be approachable, people do not have fear you for whatever reason, you have to portray friendliness and an attitude that promotes cohesivenness between you and others.


Therefore, those are the key takeaways that will help you in making a successful event planner, whether it is a wedding ceremony or any other kind of ceremony.



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